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Joy In Learning Guitar

"Two local high school students are showing that you don't necessarily need a teacher to show you how to play a guitar these days"
"Channeling the video-game excitement into an online method of teaching people to play real guitars"
"Sometimes, you want to just dive right in there and play the music you’re familiar with. Get ready to do that with Pickup Guitar Club."
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Learn The Best Songs

We created a curriculum where every lesson is a new song, and a song you want to play! You learn all the necessary skills like scales and chord shapes inside songs by Taylor Swift, Blink-182, The Rolling Stones, and many more.

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With Real Teachers

Our software can teach you, but a real human instructor is still there to clarify things if needed.

Stuck? Watch Wes or Tiffany teach all the skills needed for a song.

Smart Gameplay

The fun side to learning.
Leading edge note-recognition and an all-star setlist ensure
you play every note of your favorite songs

Software on Macbook Pro

Live Feedback

Our unique note-recognition lights up every note you hit. The song will pick up as you play better, and guide you if you have trouble. Nothing ignites drive more than knowing you’re succeeding

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Challenge Module

Play New Challenges

Forget boring lessons. We challenge you to learn by playing the intro to songs or the solo to a famous jam. You’re still going to learn the lessons, but it’s way more fun this way.

Earn Points for Progress

Remind yourself how far you’ve come. We show you your progress every step of the way. Every note earns points, and some give you achievements! Compete with your friends and yourself to hit new goals.

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5 Moments of Pickup Guitar Club

1. Starting Young

Co-founder Brian started playing guitar when he was only 12 years old. Rather than take traditional and expensive lessons, Brian taught himself through a unique set of songs. In only a few weeks he was playing well and formed a band.

2. Sharing a Passion for Music

Jack and Brian met their first day of high school at Cross Country practice. During practice they found they shared the same passion for music and began playing local shows and teaching music to others. As they entered their sophomore year, they had an idea to teach music in a new way.

3. Developing Technology

While teaching guitar, Jack and Brian had an idea - to build an actual game that would allow anyone to learn guitar by playing fun and popular songs. Everyone they taught always excelled by learning songs because they enjoyed the practice. Jack developed a note-recogntition algorithm that could listen to a guitar and correct mistakes. The idea took off

4. Gaining Support

With the software working and a definied song-based curriculum, Jack and Brian took to Kickstarter. The idea quickly became one of the top projects on the site and was funded over 162% earning Jack and Brian a cool pile of cash to start building the product.

5. Building A Gamified Platform

With funding locked down, Jack and Brian began development - working for over 14 months on building, testing, and iterating design. They worked with a large group of testers for over 6 months to ensure a fun and easy progression. Their product today has proved tried and true as the most intuitive and enjoyable method of learning guitar.

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